Over the past few weeks, our class have been learning about celebrations around the world.  The girls have been thoughtfully preparing an Islamic dance about Allah.  Miar was a fabulous expert and leader.  We took her ideas and jazzed them up further by using a variety of dance elements.
To view a lunchtime practice, click on the below link:

Below are some images of the boys' Jewish Hanukkah (Light Festival) dance.  They also, followed the ideas of a traditional dance and added their own selective ideas later, incorporating the elements.  Their dance was very fast however they managed to cope with this well after much practice.  
Take a peek at one of our practices….(kindly videoed by Jakub):
Miss Church

Having fun making music with rakau sticks.

...and here we have Grace happily modelling a traditional Maori female's costume.  A job well done Grace :)

Look at all the patterns that can be made from the same collection of tangram shapes.  Nothing like a good challenge!
During term 4, we are learning about 3D shapes.  We made some last week, using bluetack for the vertices and straws for the edges.
Windy days (such as our recent weather) now have a whole new meaning for the children of the Paper Plus class....

Today they learnt that:
After Ranginui and Papatuanuku separated (as per the Maori creation story) their son, Tawhirimatea became very angry.  He often reminds us of this through his fierce winds, sleety winds, hurricanes, hailstorms etc.

To view the 'Creation Story' again copy and paste the below link:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XsEAab_Tni4   (Part 1)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yHhMgrAMulA  (Part 2)

To view 'The Revenge of Tawhirimatea' again copy and paste the below link:

Super well done to Jesse for reading this story to us in Maori!!  
Miss Church

How many times can you write your name in a minute?  How about reciting the alphabet?  How many times can you pack your school bag?  Or wash and dry your hands?   Can you stand on one leg for a minute?  Or hold your arms out (as they get heavy and tired)?  
The Paper Plus class have been investigating all these questions, you've often wondered about, and more.
Look at our professional shotput stances.  We are getting ready to perform our best at the Athletics on 22nd October.
Testing our knowledge of reading various analogue times in Term 3.
On the 10th of September  the Paper plus class had netball skills. We played otcopus the frist tagers were Grace , Tasha and Emma and had played miny competitions. The winers were the frist one's to pass the ball to each other in three differnt ways ten times each. Then the class got split in half  numbered off. When our number was called out we ran and tryed to catch the ball then shot a goal. Both teams came in a tie because the score was zero to zero. Netball skills was so much awesome fun!
:) Thank you for the coachs for teaching us netball!
Today for P.E. we did hoop hockey. This is one of the games that we played and we had to get a goal.
by isaac and henrietta